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  • Staff

    Carl Newberg

    Carl Newberg - President

    Carl is the President of MicroStat Laboratories/River’s Edge Technical Service. He has a B.S degree in Metallurgical Engineering, a M.S. Degree in Materials Science, and a professional engineer’s license (Met. Eng.). He is also a NARTE Certified ESD Engineer, and is one of the first to test and receive certification from the ESDA as a Certified ESD Program Manager.

    Carl has over 20 years experience in contamination control and ESD control program management and laboratory testing. He has held positions as the ESD Program Manager for Western Digital Corporation, and has been actively involved in the corporate ESD program at Seagate Technology and IBM Corporation.

    He has been a member of the ESD Association since 1995. He has been a Board member since January, 2005, and is an active member of the Standards and the Technical and Administration (TAS) Committee, participating in working groups on ionization, packaging, clean rooms, garments and gloves, and on the Technical and Administration committee. Carl was the Technical Program Committee Chair for the 2004 EOS/ESD Symposium, Vice Chair for the 2005 Symposium and General Chair for the 2006 Symposium. He is 2009 recipient of the David F. Barber Sr. Memorial award from the ESD Association.




    MicroStat Laboratories/River's Edge Technical Service, Inc.
    37212 S. Vista Park Dr.
    Tucson, AZ 85739
    Phone: 507-254-4224
    Email: Info@microstatlabs.com


    Founded in 1994, MicroStat Laboratories/River's Edge Technical Service, Inc. is a unique and experienced ESD test laboratory and cleanroom consulting firm. We specialize in testing of ESD control materials, products, and processes, ESD consulting and auditing, and development of microcontamination consulting services for a wide range of clients who manufacture products that are used in critical environments such as ESD-safe work areas and cleanrooms.

    Our experience in product testing, environmental monitoring, cleanroom manufacturing, process and equipment qualification, distribution and contamination control practices provide our clients with the highest quality electrostatic and microcontamination test services in the industry combined with the most accurate report data, the fastest turnaround times and the most economical prices.

    Our primary customers include manufacturers and distributors of ESD control products, cleanroom consumables, and companies operating controlled manufacturing environments such as manufacturers of semiconductors, communications equipment, hard disk drives, aerospace equipment, computers, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals.

    We routinely provide testing services for new product development projects, comparative testing analysis, incoming inspection certifications of materials and referee testing services. All of our test procedures follow documented and proceduralized standard test methods.

    Independent expert witness and legal support services are available for depositions, trials and legal requirements on product performance cases.

    Facilities and Procedures

    The technical staff at MicroStat Laboratories performs all tests in accordance with the requested or relevant procedures established by the applicable and recognized Standards and standards organizations including ESD Association, ASTM, ANSI, IEST, USP, Federal and Military standards and EPA standards. Our laboratory adheres to documented internal procedures, which are written to comply with published validated methods, procedures and protocols. Our lab will also follow client protocols for testing with adequate support documentation from our clients.

    All test projects are completed using Good Laboratory Practices. These include the use of controlled internal and external written procedures. All of our company test projects utilize trained staff, calibrated equipment, proper data collection, archived storage, project tracking and controlled chain of custody for all samples tested.

    In most cases, samples will be prepared and tested at our fully equipped facilities. Some work may be sub-contracted to a qualified and approved outside laboratory when the specialized and required testing apparatus is not available in-house at MicroStat Laboratories. All Confidentiality Agreements remain in effect at all associated and approved outside test laboratories and all samples processed outside are kept anonymous and confidential.

    When the Laboratory Director at MicroStat Laboratories has a clear understanding of the scope of the project and the tests to be performed, a written quotation will be issued to the client. The client issues a valid Purchase Order or credit card payment, and returns the signed quotation form back to MicroStat Laboratories, Inc., to authorize testing. A project number is assigned for tracking of samples, data collection and retention, test reports and billing.

    Test Samples

    Samples are submitted directly to MicroStat Laboratories either in person, by US Mail or by an appropriate delivery company (UPS, Fed-Ex, Airborne, DHL or Courier, etc.). Samples in transit to the laboratory are the responsibility of the sender. All samples must be accompanied by the client's written instructions for testing. Instructions should describe the samples and give details of the tests to be performed.

    Test samples at MicroStat Laboratories are standardly retained at the laboratory for 3 months after the completion of the project tests, then discarded. Samples will only be returned to the customer upon specific request by email, acknowledged prior to the 3 month retention period. Freight and handling costs for the return of samples to the client will be billed to the client.

    Test Reports

    At the completion of a project, the Laboratory Director issues a test report. There is a minimal test report fee, which is separate from the testing fees. This fee also includes preparation of the report and includes printing, faxing, and standard US Postal mailing of the furnished report document. Test reports and invoices are emailed in Adobe PDF format unless otherwise requested. Clients will be invoiced on the first date the report is either faxed or mailed. Extensive and detailed reports may be billed at hourly rates.


    All project information and test results are held in strictest confidence between MicroStat Laboratories personnel and the contact(s) at the client company. A Confidentiality and Privacy Agreement between MicroStat Laboratories, and the client company is prepared, reviewed, signed and placed on permanent file by MicroStat Laboratories and the client company prior to the completion of the first project.

    Confidentiality agreements which are furnished by the client, will be reviewed and signed upon approval. MicroStat Laboratories legal counsel will review all such documents furnished by the client for approval.

    Warranties, Liabilities

    MicroStat Laboratories, test reports apply only to samples tested. Unless otherwise stated, the sample description is based on information provided by the client. MicroStat Laboratories makes no warranty, implied or otherwise, as to the source of the tested samples.

    The test results reported by MicroStat Laboratories, are intended to provide the client with general test data and guidance information only.

    Test reports and documents shall not be reproduced, except in full, and shall be rendered void if amended or altered.

    MicroStat Laboratories makes no warranty, either implied or otherwise, including but not limited to the implied merchantability of the items being tested. In no event shall MicroStat Laboratories' liability exceed the total amount paid by the client for services rendered.


    Fees for all testing and consulting services will be quoted on an individual project basis. All prices are listed in US dollars.

    Billing and Terms

    The client will receive an invoice on the date of completion of each project. The invoice date will be determined by the initial date the report or test results are emailed to the client.

    All domestic customer's terms are standard at net 30 days from invoice date with credit approval, otherwise a 50% deposit must be made prior to the start of any work for customers that have not established or maintained basic credit requirements. The balance owed is then due upon completion of the work.

    International customers are required to make payment by wire transfer prior to commencement of testing.

    We also accept Visa and MasterCard.

    All payments not received within 30 days from invoice date will receive a monthly finance charge of 1.5%.

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