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    MicroStat Laboratories/River's Edge Technical Service, Inc.
    37212 S. Vista Park Dr.
    Tucson, AZ 85739
    Phone: 507-254-4224
    Email: Info@microstatlabs.com

    ESD consulting

    MicroStat Laboratories/River’s Edge Technical Service offers a range of electrostatic discharge (ESD) consulting services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

    ESD Training

    In many companies, training is a primary administrative component of an ESD control program. We work with our clients to develop and present ESD training programs specifically tailored to the needs of the client. Such programs may range from "basics of ESD" to creating an understanding of a company's ESD control program. For manufacturers and suppliers of ESD control products, training programs may cover "basics of ESD" and "how to sell to the ESD marketplace."

    ESD Program and Process Development

    We can assist clients in identifying those parts of their process where electrostatics is causing the greatest problems and help them modify those processes and develop the appropriate procedures and programs to mitigate the effects of electrostatics.

    ESD Document Development

    In conjunction with process and program development, we provide assistance in the preparation of process control documents and internal specifications covering processes, procedures, systems, and products used in the control of electrostatic problems.

    ESD Product Development

    AS the impact and control of electrostatic discharge becomes more complex, manufacturers and suppliers of ESD control products turn to us for assistance in defining market needs and identifying those products and product characteristics required to meet those marketplace needs.

    ESD Auditing and Facility Evaluation

    MicroStat Laboratories/River’s Edge Technical Service provides complete auditing and facility evaluation services to assist clients in developing and improving the management of their ESD control programs. Auditing can range from informal surveys of the processes and facilities to a pre-certification review in preparation for a formal ESD S20.20 certification audit. Click for more details on our Auditing and Facility Evaluation services.

    Expert Witness

    Independent expert witness and legal support services are available for depositions, trials and legal requirements on product performance cases.

    Contact us for more information and discussion of your ESD consulting needs.


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