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As mobile in the light of luxury legion, Michael Kors now want to break this cycle, even if the "s" is the price of it spares no sacrifice sales."When we decided to reject a discount, some business will flow to the competitors," John Idol not taboo to talk about risk, "but this is the Michael Kors as a luxury brand should go in the right direction. michael kors outlet online real competitors should be a Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci, rather than cheap brand price war dog-fight in every day."However, Michael Kors ubiquitous sense of "being" had already high-end luxury brands to draw the line.LVMH group President Bernard Arnault said in an interview or public many times Michael Kors with Louis Vuitton is not belong to the same industry, suggests Michael Kors not luxury.LVMH's attitude to John Idol rhetoric sounds quite some "hot face with cold ass" bleak.




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Michael Kors outlet more than sixty percent of the sales from parts with high added value.

There is no doubt that Michael Kors do have and Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, etc competing goods compete power, as well as a complete series of high-end products, such as the price of $7000 Miranda crocodile handbag, or senior men's and women's clothing series.Many Hollywood actress have hands-on demonstration of Michael Kors dress and high-end handbags.But the crux of the problem is that these high-end products really have to sell?You know Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci and didn't set up CARDS for low-end consumer groups and or product line.Even Louis Vuitton and Gucci relatively populist presbyopic series or canvas bag price is around $one thousand, and michael kors handbags outlet specializes in the line of accessories, Michael Michael Kors together brush compared to less than $500 of products is not the kind of people can afford.That line a sales account for about half of all michael kors outlet online company revenue.Deserve to act the role of the brand for high added value, especially the low end of the line depends on its brand image constantly deflationary force and in light of luxury market directly discounted circles.

For a long time, michael kors outlet to give the impression of people is very "split" : on the one hand, brand en every season with top luxury brand in the same fashion Zhou Pingtai work opportunities;On the one hand, "tireless" doing business "self-destruction image".Currently, about one-third of the Michael Kors brand store is discount stores, and according to the strategic planning of brand published earlier this year, this ratio will further expand in the future.Financial investment columnist Herb Greenberg in its well-known blog Reality Check references friend said, "the discount is drop, once you need through the discount sales, it is hard to sales when no discount."Although michael kors outlet online carefully carry out differentiated supply way, is the original stores and discount stores provide different goods, but ordinary consumers who will care so much?Low-end consumer bought discount Michael Kors, content to have the "luxury".Even though these discounted goods and high-end products in the design, material and workmanship there are worlds apart, but with on the streets filled with brand Logo or make high-end consumer pursuit of exclusive sense and scarcity.

At the same time, the "populist" price has also led to demand for michael kors outlet saturated.For middle class earning $10000 mature, if 10% of their monthly income to buy luxury goods, then to obtain a Louis Vuittion basic bag need to accumulate about 2-3 months;But instead of buying the popularity of Michael Kors bag, easy to obtain three a month.Even Michael Kors follow fashion trends, each season, also hard to catch up with the speed of market demand saturation.So continued demand from the market point of view, michael kors handbags outlet to Louis Vuittion chap, I'm afraid is not a simple "rejected product sale" can be realized.

michael kors online outlet

Many of the products are subject to Michael Kors "differentiation" and "a cargo two do" strategy.

More puzzling is that Michael Kors often for the same product with high and low with two versions: since consumers can use the $398 price to buy leather crocodile grain Hamilton handbags, and they had a few people will "local tyrants" to spend $1300 to buy a seemingly identical real crocodile skin with hand bags?Has long been boasting michael kors outlet of differentiation in front of the "two do a goods" has become empty talk.

Lower price, the main line, two do a goods, the Michael Kors strategy, in order to create performance used to now is all show.Especially in September this year the company two big shareholders Silas Chou and Lawrence Stroll after withdrawal, both brand is hit, high inadequate low not industry status.It is no wonder that michael kors outlet online unprofitable force under the arm in the brand image.Like empty Treasury, the government is always the first to adjust tax, "discount" may be the most convenient and direct to Michael Kors thought, but it is simple and crude "prescription".From the point of the position of John Idol, Michael Kors apparently ready to face pain, but fashion is "easier down the mountain, the mountain", the market recognized the "Low" to "tall" rise to meet sneer at by the ruthless.Look at adjusting Coach for many years but now he still is hard to find a word "you";Even by michael kors online outlet as a "rival" real Louis Vuitton and Gucci, in the process of "Logo" is difficult to difficult: Gucci in the third quarter sales fell 1.9% year-on-year, Louis Vuitton sales growth is slowing, Prada, also issued this year sales growth without warning.Restore image for "capricious" rich high-end and so slowly, and time flies when Michael Kors.

Is the so-called "want to capricious, also have to have a B cell."Even if Michael Kors grandiloquence want to do the Louis Vuitton, but in the end, I'm afraid a whimper, not after a long time service of kung fu is very difficult to really improve.

Michael Kors online outlet Bridget Large Tote lady leather hand hollow-out the bill of lading shoulder bag, the new 2014, adopting case grain punch head layer cowhide material, magnetic suction seal at the top, at the bottom of the bag body with a perforated leather stitching smooth leather design, package before a recognizable high logo pendant, package design and a key chain with a color zipper small bag, convenient to put change in, small objects, etc.Shape size is 32 * 35 * 15 cm, capacity is large enough, style simple, commuter street are applicable.

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michael kors handbags outlet 2014 new bag!The ms michael kors outlet leather hand hollow-out the bill of lading shoulder bag, 2014 new styles, it USES case grain punch head layer cowhide material, magnetic suction seal at the top, at the bottom of the bag body is perforated leather stitching smooth leather design, package before a recognizable high logo pendant, package design and a key chain with color zipper small bag, convenient to put change in, small objects, etc.Shape size is 32 * 35 * 15 cm, capacity is large enough, style simple, commuter street are applicable.

On October 16, 2014 - michael kors outlet online mike cross Shanghai is pleased to announce to support the world food day, on October 16, held in Shanghai jing an kerry centre store charity campaign "against hunger", continue to improve the public attention to the problems of global hunger.Activities include a new limited edition 100 Series Series wrist Watch, in-store free "against Hunger" (Watch Hunger Stop) subject T-shirt, and the scene photographed interaction, etc.China star li jing, Tang Yixin and supermodel Qin Shu cultivates, Ming xi in 16 photos uploaded in "against hunger" t-shirts to social media platforms, in support of this activity.Star Chen, juju, visit the rearranged, to contribute the "hunger".

"Hunger" the global plan was established in 2013, aims to raise funds and promote public awareness of world hunger.Activities of the partner is the United Nations world food programme (WFP).Activity to raise funds will be used in the WFP "feeding" campus plan.The window of the activity is starting in April last year, 100 Series Series wrist watch.Each sold this wrist watch, 100 children in the poor areas will be able to get a nutritious meal.July 2014, Michael Kors has by selling 100 Series wrist watch, to help the children of the WFP to hungry regions sent out more than 5 million nutrition diet.


This year, the brand new limited edition 100 Series wrist watch.The new watch, rose gold stainless steel material is adopted, and embedded in the delicate and elegant pale blue dial to map of the world pattern.The back engraved with michael kors outlet signature and WATCH HUNGER STOP (against HUNGER), and 1 WATCH = 100 MEALS (1 gold wrist WATCH = 100 MEALS) and LIMITED EDITION.Will introduce these wrist watches medium and large two styles, specially designed packaging more can highlight the tenet of "hunger".This watch is limited edition, and other Series of 100 Series wristwatch sales continues, the current sales have been able to provide as many as 5 million charity meal.Since October 2014, the new watch will be global michael kors online outlet stores as well as the brand's official website michaelkors.com exclusive sale, the retail price of 2950 yuan.

* each sold a 100 Series Series wrist watch, michael kors outlet online will donate $25 for the WFP organization.Please note that the WFP organization is not for any endorsement of a product or service.

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Three quarters in a row, michael kors online outlet Hodlings Ltd. (NYSE: Kors) shares plunged on earnings, Q1 and Q2, because of the gross profit margin in Q3 because SSS problem directly, which makes Michael Kors shares down from highs of $101 to less than $70, the former is the luxury industry regarded as the "miracle" brand problem in where?

As the "miracle" itself and michael kors outlet is slowing in the luxury market situation of a "special case", and this special case is not limited to Michael Kors a brand, similar to Kate Spate, Tory 'Burch, Marc Jacobs and other light luxury brand has a high-speed growth, and in the light of luxury industry have another "special case", established the Coach, the Coach is because the single category, old design, marketing, lack of power and continue to fall, this makes the new generation of light luxury brand quickly grab market share.The four major brands have reached $1 billion, after michael kors outlet handbags is listed in in this fiscal year to about $4 billion, as Coach, Inc. (NYSE: COH) Coach (SEHK: 6388).

Michael Kors of this "miracle" is also in fast fashion industry, H&M, Zara, the parent company in 2013 in growth slowdown or even stagnation, but as cheap in fast fashion brand Primark high double-digit growth of 16%.In a sense, Michael Kors is Primark "luxury".

In 2014 for the retail industry, especially in the fashion industry, it is "the night" in the winter, slow economic recovery in Europe and America;El nino caused mild winter;China's economic slowdown and anti-corruption;Hong Kong, Ukraine, southeast Asia and other places geopolitical tensions;The above situation of tourism consumption reduced, and many other factors bring had trouble with the industry particularly hard hit.michael kors online outlet will therefore in the second quarter and third quarter same-store sales slowdown due to the "mall abortion to reduce", "low consumer sentiment" can be said to be a fact, but...Question, the above two reasons has emerged not just in the quarter before, or even not only in the current fiscal year, the same reason could be used to explain Coach, the Coach of the problem, but Coach, the Coach to worse, Coach, the Coach of the SSS don't say growth slowed, has been a double-digit decline for several quarters.But industry analysts can't evaluate Coach, the Coach of the standard to evaluate michael kors handbags outlet, so the Coach, the Coach of the north American SSS though tumbled 24% beat expectations on Wall Street for its popularity;Contrast michael kors outlet performance than expected, but as long as the gross profit margin or any place appear a little problem, SSS will panic or retaliatory fall in share prices, this is the logic of Wall Street and investors.This logic in the investment bank's report also reflected, Goldman Sachs, an analyst at Goldman Sachs Lindsay Drucker Mann's report, said the industry slow lead to lower growth expectations for michael kors outlet online, but as a new generation of light luxury brands such as michael kors outlet handbags is still in the rise of Coach, the Coach lost share.Jefferies LLC analyst Randal Konik said fell even can make more investors into the market, once the scale will be catalytic brand in European market.The same situation, BMO Capital Markets analyst John Morris concluded that Michael Kors Europe North America slow growth is not enough to offset the brand, because the north American market share accounted for foot 8.The Banks and their respective shares of Michael Kors has carried on the corresponding adjustment.

So, the first real let Michael Kors faded halo is environment factors, combined with its own base not only increases and the capacity of the north American market, let Michael Kors SSS high-speed growth may not appear again, while michael kors outlet online eyes will be more focused on Europe and emerging markets, actually Q2 revenue increased 108.6% to $237.9 million, of which Europe same-store growth 41.1%;The Japanese market revenue growth 106.3% to $16.455 million, same-store sales growth of 52.9%.

So what is the second reason?Believe that a lot of ordinary readers can guess: being.

Michael Kors of "being", no matter as the price of luxury goods, nearly two years of popularity and popularity, gross margins reflect its the present situation, including its expansion in Europe and Japan also make lead to brand being, to think, is a triple-digit growth?That Europe and the number of stores for the last fiscal year to 80, and will increase between 55 this fiscal year, growth is as high as 70%, and the existence of the electricity business, all of these lead to high inventory of michael kors outlet, consecutive increase exceeded sales growth.Although inventories have certain expansion factors exist, but michael kors outlet handbags for sales growth is too optimistic, Q1 this year have to pass some discounts for promotions, sales gross profit margin.

From the perspective of the Earning Call of Q2, John Idol also noticed the problem of the "being", in terms of gross margin, he said the holiday season, michael kors online outlet not through a lot of sales promotion to boost sales, although this will sacrifice SSS growth, but "our competition is the world's best brands, such as Louis Vuitton such as Prada, Prada, such as Gucci Gucci."And Bernard Arnault said in an interview or public many times michael kors outlet online with Louis Vuitton is not belong to the same industry, suggests michael kors outlet handbags not luxury.John announced Idol Michael Kors "discount" strategy, if not the actual strategy, also at least publicity strategy.Like Bernard Arnault has claimed Louis Vuitton high-end strategy, in fact, Louis Vuitton high-end products only in the minority, or a low-priced product sales profit, one of the few high product is just propaganda role, a small amount of production, these are all the luxury industry open secret.

"Discount" strategy of another operation method is the product pricing, this and China "double 11" of pricing depreciate sales promotion just the opposite.Coach, the Coach was in fiscal year 2012 dealing with the slowdown will store product price cut, to around $300 of products, but the problem also followed, when sales are guaranteed, came to raise prices again we see the Coach, the Coach this bad situation for two years.This is why a lot of things consumers think "Low" to "tall" will encounter a cruel sneer at.So michael kors outlet "discount" reply to adjust the product and pricing strategy?This John Idol of course not, we must further observation, but anyway, buy Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton, Prada, Prada, Gucci Gucci consumer heart won't really agree with John Idol "analogy", where for half the price difference.In addition, Michael Kors and two elastic great "CARDS" as well as the legitimate outlet channel can solve any problem there.

The last question is that Michael Kors had big shareholders Silas Chou and Lawrence Stroll out, two people holding company Sportswear Holdings Ltd. Through continuous trading empty michael kors outlet stock, in addition to add a designer Michael Kors himself, CEO John Idol also established a southeast Asia agent Michael Kors Far East Holdings Ltd. "vampire", once the basic declared michael kors outlet online withdraw the agency with Silas Chou and Lawrence Stroll, and Michael Kors brand is Silas Chou created "miracles", but the most important still is major shareholders Holdings to bring the bearish market nature.

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